From gas measurements in the mid-infrared to fluorescence measurements in the ultraviolet, we have experience in nearly all types of spectroscopic measurements. Our mission at Flash Photonics is to bring the best spectroscopic technologies to the North American market. We provide business development, sales and marketing. Call us to find out how we can help you find the perfect customers for your products and create opportunities for your business.

Sales representation

Let our proactive sales team take your business in North America to the next level. We have experience assisting customers with complex systems sales, project implementations, and general spectroscopic problem solving. We enjoy introducing our valued customers to innovative new products.

Marketing presence

We are intimately familiar with the marketing landscape for spectroscopic products in North America. We would be happy to assist you with arranging marketing, developing sales collateral (copy, images, and video), and getting the message out to potential customers. Flash has a presence at major shows in North America as part of our sales efforts, and can leverage that to enhance market presence for our customers.

Business Development

The principals at Flash Photonics are comfortable with complex negotiations. We are experienced at handling a variety of types of transactions, from OEM manufacturing and patent licensing, to full acquisitions. We are also familiar with the funding landscape in North America. As trusted advisors or as key negotiators, we have the ability to represent our manufacturing partners' best interests in any business negotiation.

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What a Market!

Did you know that the North American molecular spectroscopy market is expected to be north of $2B / year by 2018?

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