Compact IRIS UV-Compatible Echelle Spectrometer

Product Description

Inspired by R&D for the ESA ExoMars mission to Mars, Spectral Industries has developed the IRIS, a very efficient and robust spectrometer for application on Earth.  This unique technology offers space technology quality hardware that is useful under a wide range of conditions.

If you need reliable characterization in a flexible, robust package, this is your spectrometer!  It features proven better signal-to-noise-ratio (~1000) than leading competitors and is ready for any environment from the field to the factory.  Plus, the UV-compatible CMOS camera delivers a 180-800 nm range at a fraction of the cost of other full-range solutions.


Spectral Industries' LIBS spectrometer has the following advantages:

  • Standard integration with UV-CMOS camera provides wide dynamic range and sensitivity at a new price point.
  • Can be integrated with other 3rd party cameras, e.g. ICCDs.
  • Compact size with a full 180-800+ nm spectrum.
  • Robust design, very low temperature influence and able to withstand harsh environments.
  • High throughput / efficiency compared to other echelle spectrometers: lower detection limits or shorter integration time.
  • Can be applied to combine Raman and LIBS functionality: both molecular and elemental information from one instrument.

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