MarqMetrix Raman Systems

Product Description

The MarqMetrix Raman AIl-In-One (AIO) is everything needed to take high-quality Raman measurements.  Imagine being able to precisely and instantly measure the chemical composition of anything. Now, imagine it being affordable enough to duplicate throughout your unique process. If you’re not seeing the possibilities for your business, you’re not thinking big enough.  The patented MarqMetrix BallProbe has high throughput and amazing light collection, with configurations for industrial environments, bioreactors, and probes coupled to flow cells.

Combined into a single unit, the AIO includes spectrometer, laser, TouchRaman Fiber BallProbe, and acquisition computer.

Plug in. Measure accurately. There is no step three.

The philosophy at MarqMetrix is to put the Ph.D. in the box, so that you can concentrate on making straightforward Raman measurements.

The AIO was designed specifcally for use with the patented MarqMetrix BallProbe, enabling TouchRaman functionality.

TouchRaman gives experts and non-experts equal ability to take the same high-quality, reproducible measurements by simply touching the sample and acquiring the data.

We also offer the WalkUp system, which includes a sample chamber and adjustable stage to make sample measurements even easier.


  • Laser, Spectrometer, and Computer combined into single, compact unit.
  • Patented TouchRaman Fiber BallProbe included.
  • Variable laser power from 5-450 mW.
  • Two-stage TEC-cooled CCD.
  • 100-3200 wavenumber spectral range, with average 6 wavenumber resolution over the range.
  • Compact size: 25 x 25 x 7.7 cm.
  • Software includes ability to monitor over an HTTP web connection, multiplex systems and measurements.

MarqMetrix Raman and BallProbe Information

Click here if you'd like more information about the Marqmetrix All-In-One Raman system, including specifications.

If you'd like to download the datasheet for the WalkUp sampling system, click here.

We also carry a variety of MarqMetrix Raman BallProbes:

Standard Fiber BallProbe

Performance BallProbe

Process BallProbe

Process Flowcell

Bioreactor BallProbe

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