AtomTrace Sci-Trace Lab Development System

Product Description

Sci-Trace is a configurable LIBS setup designed to provide to researchers the maximum number of possibilities for their LIBS experiments.

Sci-Trace consists of an instrumentation cabinet and the LIBS Interaction Chamber mounted on an optical breadboard. This configurable spectroscopic system allows the possibility of selecting a combination of the interaction chamber, various lasers, detection systems, and ancilary equipment.  The modularity of the system allows setups for Double-Pulsed LIBS, LIBS+LIFS and other spectroscopic techniques to be assembled quickly and efficiently.  This allows researchers to focus on their experiment and not on the setup.


The Sci-Trace system has several key benefits:

  • Designed by scientists for scientists - the Sci-Trace is designed for research extensions and experiments. Allows to full concentration on the LIBS method and experimental results rather than troubleshooting and system building.
  • Intuitive control - Integrated software for control of all the setup elements – from sample manipulation through adjustment of all active setup elements to spectra collection and processing.
  • Robust and reliable - Individual configurations and components were selected based on our broad experience with LIBS analysis and instrumentation. Thus mutual compatibility of the individual components is guaranteed.
  • Plug-in concept - Easy system expansion by the user, wide spectrum of modules: components of the interaction chamber, lasers, spectrometers, detectors, mass flow controllers etc. The user simply joins the new module into the setup and activates the corresponding software plug-in.

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