AtomAnalyzer Software

Product Description

AtomAnalyzer takes the pain out of data analysis.  Using innovative drag-and-drop methods that allow clear visualization of the workflow and quick feedback of results, users can quickly optimize the treatment of their data. Changing the method is simply dragging an analysis block in or out of the sequence and setting parameters.  Gone is the need to import and export data to multiple programs, spreadsheets, and graphing programs.  

Everything is included for detailed standard or chemometric analysis, visualization, and reporting.

Each operation in AtomAnalyzer is represented by a so-called Node. Connections between the nodes together with the order of operations creates a processing sequence which can be used for automated spectra analysis. 



Simple.  Easily-reconfigured.  Powerful chemometrics.  AtomAnalyzer.


AtomTrace AtomAnalyzer software enables:

  • Easy elemental identification
  • Drag-and-drop data processing with functional nodes
  • Depth Profiling
  • Elemental Mapping overlaid on sample picture
  • Qualitative elemental ID
  • Quantitative elemental analysis with built-in, advanced chemometrics

Simple Analysis with Graphical Flow Visualization!

Deploy traditional methods or advanced chemometrics to build calibrations and deploy solutions.  Reconfiguration and testing analysis methods is as simple as introducing new built-in analysis blocks and graphically connecting them into the process flow.  Simple, indeed!

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